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Glucuronolactone Uses and Risks

Glucuronolactone is a substance that is found in the human body and is produced by a process of metabolizing glucose in the liver. It functions as an alternative fuel in the body and can be created as a supplement to boost energy and detoxify the body of impurities. Considering that this chemical is a component of connective tissue, it is a popular supplement for body building. The production, usefulness, and precautions in using this supplement can help the consumer make an informed decision when determining its effectiveness.



Aside from being a natural occurring substance that is produced in the liver, this supplement is also found in certain plants. Although numerous suggestions have been made that this metabolite was concocted by the United States government to serve as a supplement during the Vietnam War, glucuronolactone has yet to be proven as a morale booster with severe side effects that ended in migraines and brain tumors. When developed outside of the natural production by the body’s metabolic process, the soluble is white, odorless, and can be diluted for consumption. This substance is present in the body in small amounts and the artificial production and dose is considerably higher than what is present naturally.


The most common uses for this supplement are numerous but have been questioned for their viability. The research that has been conducted specifically sought to find links between the supplement and energy. Marketing strategies and promotions of glucuronolactoneas a dietary supplement suggest that it is ideal for individuals who seek to boost their mental alertness, increase stamina and physical fortitude, and to detoxify the body of harmful waste. A contemporary use of the artificial production is found in energy drinks and is considered to be a stimulant with instant reactions such as energy and mental sharpness. Research suggests that psychomotor performance such as reaction time and mental capabilities including memory and concentration are increased when glucuronolactoneis used. A significant improvement has been discovered in aerobic performance which compliments the natural energy boost. There have also been international studies conducted to discover whether the supplement can serve as a hepaprotective medicine to provide healthy liver support and researchers have concluded a favorable bodily response. It has been shown to protect glycogen storage and the body’s retrieval of the energy producing substance. In regards to joints and tendons, the supplement is beneficial to athletes who are at considerable risk for injury. The usefulness of glucuronolactoneis multifaceted and not only beneficial to athletes who train in intense fashion, but also to those who want to increase their energy for practical reasons.


The precautions and warnings involved with the use of this substance are conflicting with suggestions that its production was initiated for covert purposes. The implication that the substance was created in the 1960s to boost morale during the Vietnam War has been debunked by the inability to provide substantial evidence. Research in regards to risk factors is relatively inconclusive because glucuronolactoneis typically tested in tandem with other substances which boost energy such as caffeine and taurine. This has been in an effort to determine whether energy drinks are detrimental to the human body and if claims of brain related incidents hold merit. These studies were conducted over time and in various capacities. To this date, the supplement has yet to show any harmful effects when used in moderation and for purposes of increasing energy, liver protection, and mental sharpness. It is produced by the body in small amounts and additional dosages should be consumed in the prescribed quantities to maximize usefulness.